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"....Why do they have South Africa down there when it's a map of Australia?"

"We can't go to Japan! I'd have to learn French!"



    Happy holidays and all that, before I start rambling about rather unrelated things.
    My last journal was in September and a whole lot has happened since then. I don't know how much I'll write about so I guess we'll just find out. I don't really remember much of the rest of September, after that journal. Forget chronological order nobody reads this anyway so I'll just pick things and ramble.
    I lost my favorite necklace pendant. It was a teardrop-shaped garnet that was the perfect shade of red, dark but not too dark, sort of like blood or wine or something. Its necklace-chain sucked and fell off a lot, I shouldn't have risked wearing it but I did. I knew I shouldn't've. It bothers me a lot. I hate it when I know I shouldn't do something and do it anyway figuring there's enough of a chance things won't go wrong, because every time I realize something'll probably go wrong, it does. That same day I did Entropy at a 'practice' performance-thing. I got about 27/30, which means average of 9/10, which is good I think. I think the judges were a bit biased; no poem similar to Entropy scored as high as a certain other category of poem, regardless of how good either actually was. A sucky other-category poem was somehow able to score the same as a wonderful Entropy-category poem. It's a bit irritating because if that trend continues I won't be able to get a 30, which I'm hoping to get eventually. Something else about that day went wrong I think but I don't remember it.
    My friend has improved a lot with his writing. It's wonderful, I'm really looking forward to his new stuff.
    I got a new fish tank. It's been quite an adventure. I should've done research before going out and getting it; it's a 15 gallon column, and came with a stand and a filter and a heater, so I thought it was a good idea. I rushed a bit getting it because a pet store nearby is closing, and they've been very important to me, so I wanted to get a fish or something from there before they were gone. It wasn't a total like random thing, like I've wanted to upgrade my fish tank for a while, but... Basically I found out, after getting the tank, that it's too small for anything I originally planned to do. Lots of fish I liked like to be in schools and this one doesn't have much room for that. By now though I think I've got it to a good place. But it's been an adventure. So, I set up the tank. I put Bullyfish in there because I figure, if he behaves himself with the new fish, he can stay. At the closing store, I happened to find a kind of fish that I had found in my searches that would, supposedly, be good for the tank, a lady Black Phantom Tetra. I got her, and then picked up a boy Phantom from another store. Supposedly this kind of fish would be able to live in schools of five or more, or a pair. So, to save space, I went for a pair. I named the ladyfish Marzipan and the boyfish Nougat. Nougat hid right away in the new tank. Marzipan immediately picked a fight with Bullyfish, so Bullyfish went back to the old tank. Later I find Marzipan bullying Nougat, so in an attempt to distract her aggressions I guess, since I couldn't take her back, I got two more Phantoms, another lady and another boy, which was a bit frustrating because now I had less room for other fish. The new ladyfish, who was tiny and very brave against Marzipan, I named Sparticus, and then the boy I named Scooter. For a while, Nougat and Marzipan and Sparticus were all equally pestering each other while Scooter avoided everybody. Then out of no where, Marzipan acts weird, and then develops tail rot (fungus). I moved her to the old tank and moved Bullyfish to the new one, so I could try to give her medicine, but it didn't work and she died. And the same day I found Scooter dead too, for no apparent reason. So I was down to two, Nougat and Sparticus, and it's still a little frustrating because Marzipan was the whole reason I got Phantoms and totally kind of botched my plan for other fish.
    So yeah. That store that's closing, it's really frustrating and upsetting. I went after hearing it was closing and it was gutted and I hated looking at it. I went really often, for two-three weeks, and it was decaying so fast. My friend had never been there before, so one day I managed to take him there. I wish he had seen it before it had been gutted. I got pretty close to crying that time so I told myself I wouldn't go back, and I haven't. I can't imagine what it looks like now, two months after I was last there. I got some live plants from there for the tank, and they're doing good so far...
    Bullyfish behaves himself rather well, so he's gotten to stay in the new tank. I got three skunk cory cats because they're adorable. They all look fairly similar so I wasn't sure about names at first, but then I found differences. One I can tell very easily because it's much darker, I call him/her Herbert Hoover (just Hoover for short). One of the other two is lighter and I think bigger, and that's Franklin Roosevelt, and then the other one that's a little darker than Franklin is Teddy Roosevelt. So if I can't tell if it's Teddy or Franklin, I at least know it's Roosevelt~ They're all adorable and they like being in their little group. I didn't want to have catfish die again because of not being in a group, because that may be why I haven't had luck with them in the past. Last week Friday, I decided to have a go at adding another fish. I got a neon blue dwarf Gourami, and named him Murdoch. He's gorgeous and so far no one's picked any fights with him. Sparticus chases Nougat and her and Bullyfish go at it sometimes, but nobody pesters Murdoch. Probably because he's bigger. Bullyfish I think thinks he's a catfish, he'll hang out on the gravel next to them sometimes, it's weird, but whatever, he's crazy.
    I finished chapter two of my DSRA rewrite, and started chapter three. So far I think it's going okay, but I need to figure out how to clean up some dialogue and then figure out how to get ClYdE involved.
    I haven't drawn anything. I hope to during the rest of break.
    October was interesting. My friend and I went to Homecoming. It was a bit awkward because neither of us really 'belonged' there or knew what to do. It was too loud so we left a little early and went to his house for a bit, and played Surgeon Simulator. I thought that was kind of funny, us all dressed up playing this ridiculous terrible game. I think that was the best part of the night though. We had a phone call two or so weeks ago where we talked about some stuff we need to clear up... I don't know what to make of any of it though.
    Our German teacher went a bit crazy. I'd look forward to the end of the day because I had two classes in the same room, German and German Business, and had the same spot, next to my friend, so I could just...look forward to it. Then she went crazy and decided for the business class to split everybody up. I talked to her to stay, and she let us, then some other kids freaked out because it didn't affect them at all, whatever. So we ended up spilt up. I laughed to myself when she said it was to benefit everyone, because it definitely won't benefit me or anyone at my table. I wouldn't have cared if she had done this, like, at the beginning of the year, but now? After leaving it? I hate change. Especially this kind of change.
    I'm done for today. I think I'm getting a headache, I don't know. Oh well.
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At the clock,
Looks like it's damn near midnight already
This used to be my favorite part of the day, staying up for you, but that was before it was draining difficult STRAINING . . . depressing; when it wasn't required when it matter and now
Now it doesn't, does it?
You scream and POUND your accusations into my skull like rusty nails, broken and brittle and corroded leaving behind gritty residue leaving my mind throbbing, SHAKING
I try telling you no, you've got it wrong NO I do care I just I . . . trust me . . .
No, no instead you drag me through the muck and mire of YOUR-
Ahem, "MY" web of lies and mistakes, drag me to your level, drag me to do and respond as you expect me to make me as you say I should be make me CONFORM to YOUR mental painting of me
Black. Red. A NIGHTMARE of your OWN design, some inky heartless serpent that doesn't speak 
Only hiss. Snarl. Constrict, squeeze the life out of you while whispering deceptions in your ear, trying to 
LURE you, you say
Lure you away from your
Everything I tell you VANISHES from my sight but it never goes away, no, you STRETCH it, TEAR it apart into something new something WORSE, something so distorted only you can recognize it as related
And it doesn't matter what it is; the weather, a car, a question about your day it's ALL thrown in the shredder and pieced back together as YOU see FIT as YOU. SEE. WORST.
In your eyes it's me that's a black hole, no, no never you
'Cause what you're failing to see is I give what's GIVEN so when you gaze upon me and find a selfish void of anger and frustration an ABSENCE of your so-called LOVE
It's your own reflection staring back at you in the mirror.
Another one that's supposed to be read out loud. I tried to write it in a way to best uh convey what it sounds like, with emphasis through italics and uppercase (both meaning different things; italics is abit of emphasis, uppercase, vocally, I raise me voice/yell a bit).
It's my second out-loud poem, and I think it turned out alright. It's fun. Yelling feels great; I think I'll make a habit of not using a microphone, if they let me.

Everything - Me
    I'm gonna post something I drew before school started but after that don't expect anything(Edit: Nevermind I thought I had scanned it but I guess I haven't and I don't feel like doing that so maybe another time). I've had damn near zero free time since school started, which I expected, and I expect it to continue until winter break. I ended up with only two AP classes instead of three; they messed our schedules up and the only way for me to have Pre-Calc(so I can take Calc next year), AP Bio, AP Eng, and AP USH would be to drop orchestra, and I don't want to do that. They gave me a study hall I don't need but none of those classes can go in that spot. PreCalc is only first and fifth hour. I can't take it fifth hour becuase that's when I have APUSH and I can't change that because the other hour for APUSH is 7th, and that's German, which is only 7th hour. Bio is only first and fourth hour. But orchestra is only fourth hour. The AP English is only this year and I'm not going back to non-AP history. So I had to, unfortunately, drop Bio (I started with it first hour but I needed a math class/PreCalc so I can take Calc next year). It's been a lot of work without it though, so I'm almost happy I don't have it this year. On top of the normal work, I'm also in some program to get extra work/taking an online college course(without having to pay for it and still getting the credits). Legit college course at legit college, not another AP or whatever. It's Astronomy, so at least it's interesting, but still. Another thing to do, another thing taking time from drawing and writing and whatnot.
    I have no doubts about being able to do all this and pass it all, but I need to keep my 4.0, so I can't slip up on anything, not even the online class because it counts towards my GPA too. I've got tennis and in spring soccer taking up time as well. It's a bit frustrating, but, hopefully, it'll pay off.
    Anyway, like I was saying, I've barely got time for anything but school. dA and Facebook have barely been touched since school started, Tumblr not at all. The free time I do get I'd rather just go to bed and get some extra sleep. Or try to. Or I end up spending it trying to get silly Toby out of his cave because he needs to get fed. I got myself a little daily planner to keep things on track, mostly when to feed him and the toads, and for him whether to dust the crickets with vitamins or calcium or both or none. I'll write things in there for my online class too maybe.
    I remember, before she left, telling my online friend that I probably wouldn't have time to talk to her during the school year. That's turned out to be true. I bet she wouldn't have believed me though, so I'm almost glad I didn't have to go through that. Almost. It'd be extra stress and distraction that I definitely don't need right now. I do miss her though. If I wasn't kept distracted by so much schoolstuff I'd probably get real lonely, like I did in summer. I hope she's doing alright with her schoolstuff and work and all that.
    I was hoping to get a job but now I'm thinking that would be a stupid idea. Waaaay too much work and not enough time to myself. If I don't have any time to myself I'll go crazy. I don't need the money I guess anyway; I was hoping to save a third of it for a car and a third for college and a third just to be saved (I don't buy much so I wouldn't have a problem saving all of it, maybe buying like an ice cream or chocolate and that's about it). But that's alright. I'll apply over summer, maybe by the start of next year I can afford some silly little car. Nothing expensive, that's for sure, just something at least sort of cute with decent gas milage. I'll totally turn down the gas milage part though and get a Charger if there's one I can afford though. I like those a lot.
    Blah. I better go upload that thing. I've got somewhere to be in about half an hour. Didn't realize it was already five thirty, goodness.
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AriRef14 by Spritle22
Overall I love how she came out. Her face is kinda bluh and the scanner botched the inside of her wing, but the rest of her is basically perfect. I changed her markings from perfect triangles to something a bit more uh "realistic". I like it.
-She loves flying and can go pretty fast.
-She can breathe fire, it's darkish orange, almost like her wings, I dunno. Sunkist-paper orange (I've got some right now and that looks about right)
-She's about 6' tall, three and a halfish feet at the shoulder on all fours, and about twelve feet long. Although she's "bigger"/taller & longer than Scabazar, he's stronger by a bit.
-She has smooth almost snakelike scales, kind of like Rover's, but unlike Rover's, they're not seethroughish.
-She has a serrated sword that she normally keeps in a sheath on her back. It's pretty wicked but I can never draw it right.
-Five digits on hands and feet and wings including thumbs.
-Her teeth are black, as well as her skeleton, but the rest of her (blood flesh etc) is normal (unlike Rover where the mutation is complete/everything is black or grayish).
-She's converted and doesn't regret it at all; she loves all her colors and the fire and the flying and all that.
-Generally, she's really fun to be around and sort of hyper, usually happy. She makes friends real easily, and likes dragging Scabazar into situations he finds uncomfortable (mostly because she wants to help him be less awkward, but she does find it a bit amusing to pick on him; she never goes too far with it though/doesn't want to hurt him, and he knows she's just teasing). She knows when to be serious though, and can get aggressive & easily agitated in stressful situations.

I don't draw her enough.

Everything - Me 


Spritle22 has started a donation pool!
6 / 1,000

Point Commissions are Open, note me if interested~

What I will do:
-Something along the lines of that
-Just ask

What I will not do:
-Anything requiring a mature content filter
-I wouldn't recommend cats or dogs either
-Backgrounds (I'm not good enough at them yet, sorry)
-Seriously just ask


Headshot, Sketch - 3 :points:
Full, Sketch - 7 :points:
Headshot, LA - 5 :points:
Headshot, Colored, Black LA - 10 :points:
Full, LA - 10 :points:
Full, Colored, Black LA - 35 :points:

Headshot, Sketch - 5 :points:
Full, Sketch - 10 :points:
Headshot, Colored, Black(Marker) LA - 15 :points:
Headshot, Colored, Black(Pencil) LA - 20 :points:
Full, Colored, Black(Marker) LA - 50 :points:
Full, Colored, Black(Pencil) LA - 75 :points:

So yeah, prices may change, I mean if you want more than one character and whatnot or if it's just a difficult character to draw. I'll let you know ahead of time. Or if I mess up then I'll lower it^^" I will ask for points before I show you the picture, but not until I'm done drawing it. Depending on things going on and my overall mood/motivation, I could take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to finish. But I /will/ finish eventually, and if it takes me extra long I'll lower the price because I'll feel terrible.
I'm willing to ship traditional pictures within the US and possibly to Canada, but you would have to let me know ahead of time so I draw your picture on a not-part-of-my-sketchbook-paper, and I would also need to find out how much an envelope for the paper so it doesn't get folded costs and if it's to Canada, how much postage costs, and would translate those into points.

You must be logged in to donate.
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