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:iconmythbustersplz:I reject your reality and substitute my own. :iconmythbustersplz:

"....Why do they have South Africa down there when it's a map of Australia?"

"We can't go to Japan! I'd have to learn French!"



    I'm gonna post something I drew before school started but after that don't expect anything(Edit: Nevermind I thought I had scanned it but I guess I haven't and I don't feel like doing that so maybe another time). I've had damn near zero free time since school started, which I expected, and I expect it to continue until winter break. I ended up with only two AP classes instead of three; they messed our schedules up and the only way for me to have Pre-Calc(so I can take Calc next year), AP Bio, AP Eng, and AP USH would be to drop orchestra, and I don't want to do that. They gave me a study hall I don't need but none of those classes can go in that spot. PreCalc is only first and fifth hour. I can't take it fifth hour becuase that's when I have APUSH and I can't change that because the other hour for APUSH is 7th, and that's German, which is only 7th hour. Bio is only first and fourth hour. But orchestra is only fourth hour. The AP English is only this year and I'm not going back to non-AP history. So I had to, unfortunately, drop Bio (I started with it first hour but I needed a math class/PreCalc so I can take Calc next year). It's been a lot of work without it though, so I'm almost happy I don't have it this year. On top of the normal work, I'm also in some program to get extra work/taking an online college course(without having to pay for it and still getting the credits). Legit college course at legit college, not another AP or whatever. It's Astronomy, so at least it's interesting, but still. Another thing to do, another thing taking time from drawing and writing and whatnot.
    I have no doubts about being able to do all this and pass it all, but I need to keep my 4.0, so I can't slip up on anything, not even the online class because it counts towards my GPA too. I've got tennis and in spring soccer taking up time as well. It's a bit frustrating, but, hopefully, it'll pay off.
    Anyway, like I was saying, I've barely got time for anything but school. dA and Facebook have barely been touched since school started, Tumblr not at all. The free time I do get I'd rather just go to bed and get some extra sleep. Or try to. Or I end up spending it trying to get silly Toby out of his cave because he needs to get fed. I got myself a little daily planner to keep things on track, mostly when to feed him and the toads, and for him whether to dust the crickets with vitamins or calcium or both or none. I'll write things in there for my online class too maybe.
    I remember, before she left, telling my online friend that I probably wouldn't have time to talk to her during the school year. That's turned out to be true. I bet she wouldn't have believed me though, so I'm almost glad I didn't have to go through that. Almost. It'd be extra stress and distraction that I definitely don't need right now. I do miss her though. If I wasn't kept distracted by so much schoolstuff I'd probably get real lonely, like I did in summer. I hope she's doing alright with her schoolstuff and work and all that.
    I was hoping to get a job but now I'm thinking that would be a stupid idea. Waaaay too much work and not enough time to myself. If I don't have any time to myself I'll go crazy. I don't need the money I guess anyway; I was hoping to save a third of it for a car and a third for college and a third just to be saved (I don't buy much so I wouldn't have a problem saving all of it, maybe buying like an ice cream or chocolate and that's about it). But that's alright. I'll apply over summer, maybe by the start of next year I can afford some silly little car. Nothing expensive, that's for sure, just something at least sort of cute with decent gas milage. I'll totally turn down the gas milage part though and get a Charger if there's one I can afford though. I like those a lot.
    Blah. I better go upload that thing. I've got somewhere to be in about half an hour. Didn't realize it was already five thirty, goodness.
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AriRef14 by Spritle22
Overall I love how she came out. Her face is kinda bluh and the scanner botched the inside of her wing, but the rest of her is basically perfect. I changed her markings from perfect triangles to something a bit more uh "realistic". I like it.
-She loves flying and can go pretty fast.
-She can breathe fire, it's darkish orange, almost like her wings, I dunno. Sunkist-paper orange (I've got some right now and that looks about right)
-She's about 6' tall, three and a halfish feet at the shoulder on all fours, and about twelve feet long. Although she's "bigger"/taller & longer than Scabazar, he's stronger by a bit.
-She has smooth almost snakelike scales, kind of like Rover's, but unlike Rover's, they're not seethroughish.
-She has a serrated sword that she normally keeps in a sheath on her back. It's pretty wicked but I can never draw it right.
-Five digits on hands and feet and wings including thumbs.
-Her teeth are black, as well as her skeleton, but the rest of her (blood flesh etc) is normal (unlike Rover where the mutation is complete/everything is black or grayish).
-She's converted and doesn't regret it at all; she loves all her colors and the fire and the flying and all that.
-Generally, she's really fun to be around and sort of hyper, usually happy. She makes friends real easily, and likes dragging Scabazar into situations he finds uncomfortable (mostly because she wants to help him be less awkward, but she does find it a bit amusing to pick on him; she never goes too far with it though/doesn't want to hurt him, and he knows she's just teasing). She knows when to be serious though, and can get aggressive & easily agitated in stressful situations.

I don't draw her enough.

Everything - Me 
ScabazarRef14 by Spritle22
I did this back when I did Rover's, but didn't get around to posting it till now. I guess a month late is better than a year late though. I like how his wings turned out; hopefully I'll be able to stick to that pattern of markings. The color looks kind of 'flat' and smudged, but that's because I have to use so many pencils to get it right I guess. His face is also a bit weird. Other than that though, I like it.
-His eyes are brownishgreenish but he likes to wear those black lenses, not because he needs them but he just likes how they look. He sees everything normally, not tinted like sunglasses, because they're not sunglasses.
-He's got boneticks, which are a kind of internal parasite, but they don't cripple him or anything since he's in good health.
-He's about 5'10.5" tall (without furcrestthing) when standing, about threeish feet at the shoulder when on all fours, so about eleven feet long. He's a bit stronger than average for his size.
-He can't fly especially fast or for very long. He likes flying just for fun/relaxing, but not for speed/in serious situations (he prefers running for that)
-He's converted.
-Four toes/fingers/wing fingers plus thumbs on all appendages, (feet hands wings), so five total
-He's got a fairly large knife that he usually has tightly strapped to his right hind leg.
-He's pretty strange personality-wise. Most of the time he's real sharp, a bit of a know-it-all, and kind of no fun to be around. Normally, he's good at staying calm and making quick, intelligent, logical decisions under pressure. However, if he's under the influence of emotional stress, be it extreme fear or worried about someone he cares about, his thinking slows down, but he still acts quickly, which results in rather stupid decisions and clumsiness and all that fun stuff. Nine times out of ten, he's got himself pulled together and can do what needs to be done, but that one time he's thrown off, he'll mess up pretty bad. He's also awkward around people he gets along with, stumbling over words or doing weird things, but he's much more pleasant to be around when he's being awkward than when he's being grumpy and aggressive.

I really hate reading what I wrote in old artist's comments boxes.

Everything - Me
I haven't done one of these in a while. I do have some "updates" and whatever I should probably be writing about instead but oh well. Maybe later or something.

Taken from Doctor-Axel

100 Questions About Your OC


1. What is your OC’s name?

2. What is your OC’s gender?

3. What is your OC’s sexual orientation?
'Straight' (Orientation is a weird thing in 'his world')

4. How old are they?
'Frozen'/stopped growing at 23 so that would be his answer, but technically 49 'at the moment'

5. What species are they- human, animal, alien, robot, none of the above?
I guess he'd be considered a wyvern, less specifically dragon, less specifically 'non-converted creature' 

6. What is their family like? Do they have one?
He's got twelve living siblings and one dead one, he gets along particularly well with two of his sisters, Alcatraz and Slate, and two of his brothers, Thunderhead and Mussorgsky. He does not get along very well with two of his brothers, Onyx and Toxicity, and one of his sisters, Blizzard. He gets along fine with the others. He gets along fine with his parents, though he is a bit closer to his mother. He also has a mate and three sons.

7. Who is their best friend? Why?
Probably either Jigsaw, Slate, or Thunderhead, because he can trust them and they don't harass him for anything. He does like to tease Scabazar, but he wouldn't try talking to him about personal things ('try' because Scabazar probably wouldn't let him)

8. Do they have a partner/significant other? Why are they together/not together?
Jigsaw is his mate. She was "made"(I don't know how to describe it really) to keep him company, all of his siblings have a similar 'partner', though not all of them are mates or any of that. They're together because I don't know they decided to be I guess? Took a long time from when they were first introduced to one another but.

9. What is their most prized possession? Why is it so important?
He doesn't have one as of now but I plan on coming up with something eventually.

10. Do they prefer to be warm or cold?
Well, he loves laying out in the sun, but only if the air temperature is rather low. So... He likes being both I guess? He hates being too hot but he does like "warm". He'd rather be cold than warm though I guess.

11. If they could only eat one food for the rest of their life, what would it be?
Huh. Probably... He likes tuna a lot but he also likes seals... One of those, I don't really know what he'd pick; he likes tuna better but seals are for him more fun to hunt.

12. Is there anything they’d like to change about themselves physically?
He'd rather be a bit bigger & stronger, he doesn't like Apoc being the biggest. He also wouldn't mind having arms.

13. Who is the most important person in their life?

14. Are they a cat person? A dog person? An okapi person?
He likes cats.

15. What sort of books do they like to read (if they like to read)?
He doesn't read much, but he prefers fiction or nature-picture-books (not like nothing but pictures, but he won't bother if they don't have any).

16. What’s their favorite thing to do on a rainy weekend?
Fly or run around or just have a blast in general, he likes rain and mud and all that(hates being dirty for any amount of time though).

17. Where were they born?
He hatched on an ice shelf in Antarctica.

18. Where do they want to live?
He's happy moving from Antarctica to Alaska & Canada, he likes the north a little more because of the trees, but since Jigsaw needs water, he can't stay inland permanently.

19. Do they have a job?
Nah not really

20. If they could work anywhere, where would it be?
He's fine not working

21. Do they use any sort of weapon? If not, what would they want if they could have one?
Teeth & jaws of course, tail, fire, in person form he can punch pretty hard since his arms are technically his wings and his wings are really strong (compared to everything else). He's perfectly fine using "himself" as a weapon and would refuse guns and swords and all that.

22. Do they have any sort of special power/what power would they want?
I guess it would be fire, and he has enough control over his 'mind' to be able to morph.

23. What’s their fashion sense?
T-shirt and jeans. Sometimes long sleeves, but usually not, sometimes a jacket or gloves or glasses/sunglasses, but usually not, usually just his normal tshirt and jeans or uh, in normal form, nothing.

24. What do they think of snakes?
He likes snakes, he's similar to a snake in a way or two; feel of his scales & jaw-unhinge.

25. What is their biggest pet peeve?
He doesn't like people who talk fast, and there are a few other things but I can't think of them.

26. What is their greatest fear?
He's afraid of losing Jigsaw I guess

27. Do they have any sort of disability, disorder, or health issue?
His eyesight is a bit off I guess; he's . . . farsighted? I don't know, he can't see things directly in front of him/close to him without it being blurry, but he can see past a certain distance/faraway things really well. Plus he gets sick if he has too much of anything plant-based (except plain sugar)

28. Who is the person they hate the most in their life?
I'm not sure.

29. Is there anyone they want to be more like?
Not really, I guess Apoc for bigger & stronger & arms.

30. If they got three wishes, what would they ask for?
Huh. I have no idea.

31. Their home is on fire- what do they do?
Well uh, I guess if they're up north and that's on fire (since ice can't set on fire I don't think), he'd probably go into the water/ocean or circle above it and be upset and hope it stops.

32. Do they like children?
Not necessarily, but he doesn't mind his own.

33. Would they rather take a short cut or take the scenic route?

34. What’s their strongest belief?
Not sure

35. What’s their opinion on lying?
It doesn't bother him unless it's about something important that affects him

36. Do they believe that the ends justify the means in any situation?
Most of the time

37. Do they believe in any sort of higher power?
It's not really something he thinks about.

38. Which family member are they closest to, if any?
Probably either Slate or Thunderhead, excluding Jigsaw.

39. Do they ever want to get married and/or have kids?
Already did/does.

40. What was the hardest decision they ever had to make in their life?
I don't know yet.

41. What was the happiest day of their life?
Deciding to be with Jigsaw.

42. What’s their favorite holiday?
He likes strolling around during Christmas, not for the holiday itself necessarily but for the food and ice sculptures and snow and all that. (Everything they tell you it's not about XP)

43. How did they meet their last/current/future significant other? Or their best friend, if non-applicable?
They were just sorta thrown together like "be friends or partners or whatever have fun" by Rover's parents, basically, to keep him from being lonely.

44. If they were a class in a fantasy RPG, what class would it be?
Uh. Probably Warrior or something like that.

45. Do they have any birthmarks or scars that they’re embarrassed by?
He sometimes gets poked at for the heart-shaped marking in his chest, but if no one points it out he doesn't care.

46. What’s their favorite color?
Green, specifically darker shades.

47. Do they have any piercings or tattoos? Do they want any/any more?
No, and no

48. Have they ever tried drugs or alcohol?
He's tried alcohol but didn't care for it and it made him feel sort of sick (not drunk-sick, it doesn't effect him like that)

49. Are they an idealist or a realist?
Realist I guess

50. Are they more introverted or extroverted?
More of an introvert

51. What is their main goal in life?
I don't know, he doesn't really have much of a goal other than just going about whatever as happily/peacefully as he can and protecting his family.

52. What are they willing to sacrifice to accomplish that goal?
Anything from going through a bit of pain/etc to his life I guess.

53. Would they ever kill somebody (what would they consider a justifiable reason to kill someone?)
Yeah, if they threaten him or his family, or if he decides they're a threat in some other way.

54. Have they ever kissed someone? Do they want to?
Sort of I guess, Jigsaw?

55. Have they always been comfortable with their sexual/gender identity, or is it something they’ve struggled with?
Yeah it's not something he's every really cared about.

56. Do they have any special ability or marking that sets them apart from others of their species/race? Why is it so remarkable or strange?
From others of his race, not really, other than I guess being able to morph rather easily. From others in general, he can see infared and breathe fire.

57. What’s their ideal endgame?
Not sure

58. If they had a Tumblr, what would they blog about?
He would just reblog pretty pictures of forests and water and anything arctic/antarctic and other similar random nonsense.

59. Any kinks or fetishes?
Not really.

60. If they only had one day left to live, what would they do?
Panic and spend as much time with his family (all of them) as he could.

61. If they found a wallet with the equivalence of 200 dollars in it, what would they do?
Probably just ignore it or find somewhere to put it so the owner can find it, not out of being nice but just out of 'Well what else do I do with it'.

62. If they live in a world without magic/without mainstream magic, do they believe in magic?

63. If they could have any pet ever, what would it be?
Crocodile or orca.

64. Who is the person they admire most? Why?
Once again, Apoc for her strength (both physical and 'mental') 

65. Do they think they are attractive?
He knows he isn't the best looking thing around, but he's fine with his appearance.

66. What is their biggest regret?
Not being able to fight ClYdE, even though it would've been impossible for him, because even though he usually doesn't care too much when he kills things, he didn't like the idea of doing it out of someone else's will.

67. What would they do for a klondike bar?
Take it and dare somebody to stop him.

68. The most important person in their life has been bitten by a zombie/whatever qualifies as a zombie in their world. Do they put them out of their misery, or try to find an alternative?
He would try as hard as he could to try and save her.

69. Is there anyone in their life they just can’t say no to? Why?
Slate. She ges him to do a bunch of nonsense he usually wouldn't consider.

70. Are they more math, science, or art oriented?
He likes science more than math and art.

71. Is there anything they like that would be considered geeky in their world?
Not really

72. Did they/would they leap at the call to adventure, or were they/would they have to be dragged along?
It depends on the adventure, sometimes he'd be eager to go and other times he'd rather just sleep.

73. Do they think there is more to life than whatever they are doing right now?
He thinks there probably is but doesn't really care because he likes what he does.

74. Which Disney Princess would they like the best?
I think he'd like Jasmine for trying to do her own thing I guess.

75. What’s their most positive trait?
Very very loyal.

76. What’s their fatal flaw?
Stubborn, probably.

77. What do their friends/family/teammates find most annoying about them?
Unnecessarily aggressive/angry sometimes, stubborn.

78. What are their biggest strengths?
He's good at making decisions under pressure, usually doesn't panic. Also has good faraway-night eyesight, and smell. He's not super intelligent, but he's definitely not stupid, plus with being able to uh not panic, it's good for him in lots of situations (Like, Scabazar is smarter than him, but panics easily and then ends up making wrong decisions, whereas Rover just stays 'calm' and doesn't make decisions that are any dumber than he normally would)

79. What are their weaknesses?
Stubborn, short temper.

80. What is most memorable about their appearance?
Probably his crest & tusks.

81. What’s the most embarrassing thing they have ever said/done?
Not sure.

82. Do they dwell on the past, or live in the moment?
More 'live in the moment'.

83. Why is their main goal so important to them? What set them on that path?
I don't know, I guess nothing else really matters to him?

84. Do they believe that people are inherently good?
Not really.

85. What is their opinion on themself?
He doesn't think he's "above" anyone necessarily, but he does think he's stronger and bigger which for the most part he is, and he knows he can usually get his way.

86. What emoticon describes them best?

87. Is there any other fictional character you would compare them too, personality or appearance-wise?
Uh, maybe Gaara I guess.

88. Do they know how to dance? Do they like dancing?

89. What sort of music do they/would they like?
Almost anything, particularly rock/harder stuff

90. What do they consider the worst evil in the world?
He doesn't like parents being taken away from/leaving their children/offspring

91. What’s the closest they’ve been to dying (or, if they’re already dead, how did they die)?
When he was little he'd come close to being killed by big seals, he's probably been shot up pretty good, I don't know but I know it's happened more than once.

92. What’s their spirit animal?
Probably something like a crocodile or shark or tiger.

93. Do they like their name? Is there any name they’d rather have?
He doesn't mind it.

94. What is the significance of their name?
Uh. Around the time I drew him I saw some documentary on the Mars rovers and for some reason I decided to call him Rover

95. Have they ever been bullied? Have they ever bullied anyone?
Yes, and he would fight back, but I don't think he ever went out of his way to pick on/bully anybody, he's fine to just ignore everyone.

96. Are they a light or heavy sleeper?
Heavy for the most part (you could probably wake him up pretty easily with something that smelled good(to him))

97. What do they dream about when they sleep?
Mostly flying around places he finds pretty, either alone or with Jigsaw/Wolfgang/Zack/Ichabod, sometimes he has nightmares about losing them, sometimes he dreams about hunting, sometimes swimming. That's about it.

98. Do they prefer an urban or a rural setting, or something else?
He likes rural stuff more than citythings

99. Is there any moment or event that they feel defines their life and who they are now?
Probably deciding to be partnered/(mate?) with Jigsaw, because it mellowed him out a bit.

100. Why is this character important? To you, and/or to their world?
To me, I don't know how. He definitely isn't like my 'alter ego' or anything, but like... I guess... I don't know. He just means a lot to me, since he's so... He was an accident/I couldn't draw Alcartaz's front arms and now he plays a pretty important role in 'his world' and I'm really happy with how it's all turned out I guess. In his world, it's him and Jigsaw that lead to the "creation" of ClYdE which leads to converting and all that and that's such an important thing in the story, both ClYdE and converting, so... Yeah.

And that's 100 random things about Rover I guess :P

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Spritle22 has started a donation pool!
6 / 1,000

Point Commissions are Open, note me if interested~

What I will do:
-Something along the lines of that
-Just ask

What I will not do:
-Anything requiring a mature content filter
-I wouldn't recommend cats or dogs either
-Backgrounds (I'm not good enough at them yet, sorry)
-Seriously just ask


Headshot, Sketch - 3 :points:
Full, Sketch - 7 :points:
Headshot, LA - 5 :points:
Headshot, Colored, Black LA - 10 :points:
Full, LA - 10 :points:
Full, Colored, Black LA - 35 :points:

Headshot, Sketch - 5 :points:
Full, Sketch - 10 :points:
Headshot, Colored, Black(Marker) LA - 15 :points:
Headshot, Colored, Black(Pencil) LA - 20 :points:
Full, Colored, Black(Marker) LA - 50 :points:
Full, Colored, Black(Pencil) LA - 75 :points:

So yeah, prices may change, I mean if you want more than one character and whatnot or if it's just a difficult character to draw. I'll let you know ahead of time. Or if I mess up then I'll lower it^^" I will ask for points before I show you the picture, but not until I'm done drawing it. Depending on things going on and my overall mood/motivation, I could take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to finish. But I /will/ finish eventually, and if it takes me extra long I'll lower the price because I'll feel terrible.
I'm willing to ship traditional pictures within the US and possibly to Canada, but you would have to let me know ahead of time so I draw your picture on a not-part-of-my-sketchbook-paper, and I would also need to find out how much an envelope for the paper so it doesn't get folded costs and if it's to Canada, how much postage costs, and would translate those into points.

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